Wps Wpa Tester is an application that helps you test if the WPS protocol of your point of access has any vulnerabilities. With this application, you can carry out this check on any network, but it’s recommended to utilize it exclusively on your own. Since WPS WPA Tester app is a third-party app, several people often mistake it to be loaded with viruses, but it is not the case. There are no viruses or other malicious items here. You can download it freely and without issue.

All you need is to turn on your device’s Wi-Fi and this app will do the rest for you. It scans among entire the available Wi-Fi networks in as well as tell you whether a network is harmful or not. Since it works on the WPS protocols, it may set a standard for setting up a secure wireless network. If you do not have much idea about wireless security then this app is the app for you. While those of you who recognize about wireless security and related things, then you will have great fun in using this app.

There are a lot of wireless networks that are easily compatible with WPS WPA Tester, whereas the default cell phone networks perform not work with it. So, Wi-Fi networks are primarily the ones that can be tested for vulnerabilities utilizing the WPS WPA Tester app. All you require is to connect your device to a wireless network and let this app do the rest for you. Or, if you are unsure about the rightness of a specific Wi-Fi network, the WPS WPA Tester will also perform a scan before you could connect to it.

WPS WPA Tester is useful whenever you are in unrestricted place as well as want to connect to a public Wi-Fi network (open). With WPS WPA Tester app, you can test out for the reliability as well as safekeeping of a specific network before you may connect to it. All it requires is a simple smartphone or tablet to run on and you are good to go.

Features WPS WPA Tester

  • WPS WPA Tester app has a multi-device support. You can use WPS WPA Tester on a number of smartphone platforms like – Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS. Although, in order to run it on desktops and laptops, you will have to download an Android emulator first.
  • it is a highly secure app that runs silently in the background. It also does not consume much internet data. Just regular updates and some signal detection is all that requires internet access here.
  • WPS WPA Tester is very competent at detecting Wi-Fi networks in seconds. It also scans the active networks, as well as even, shows the safest ones in a single go.
  • WPS WPA Tester app works very speedy and does not consume any internet data.

WPS WPA Tester Download

Download APK file first

Search to Download Manager as well as you have to open the installer APK package.

If installation stop due to security than go to Settings -> Device Management -> Tick “Unknown Sources”.

Now restart the installation process as well as complete it.